Thursday, June 23, 2011

Many in the Dominant Latin Rite in the Catholic Church has no any knowledge, or at least not being accepted our Eastern Catholic brethren, very sad indeed, so this Blogspot is trying its best to make them know to all. There are still a lot of Explanations to do regarding, because of Ignorance to be honest to our Brethren about Eastern Catholicism, and Eastern Christianity as a whole, of which we can appreciate the East at all. I know for a fact that it is not necessary on attaining Salvation, but as Christians it is our duty to understand our brethren so that we might united and may they be one, as the Encyclical "Ut Unum Sint" of Blessed Pope John Paul II but to be honest, there are still things to be understood to have it to become reality

Eastern Rites, thats we refer to them, though this term is applied also to the Assyrian, Oriental and Eastern Orthodox as well, but mostly associated to the 23 Sui Iuris Self Governing Churches under the Catholic Church, including the Latin Rite and all being headed by the Universal Supreme Pontiff, the Holy Father itself, and being "First Amongst Equals" along with Cardinals, Major Archbishops and Patriarchs. Everything are Orthodox indeed in teachings, theology, spirituality and way of life. Of course, though there are lots of disagreements between Orthodox and Catholics, not all their teachings are "Heretical" in Dogmatic teachings. Some Dogmas of the Catholic Church can be interpret in Eastern way.

Though i am starting disseminating Information right now, i still have to strive so that everyone might have knowledge about our Eastern Catholic Brethren, and also including our Brethren from other Eastern Christian Churches so that Unity with them might be possible at near future, or should i say improvements of Ecumenical relations on each one and another may progress. That their teachings also comes from the Apostles themselves, the Liturgical, Theological and Devotional tradition from the Ancient Apostolic times, and how they complement too the Traditions of the West, as Blessed Pope John Paul II stresses about the Two Lungs of the Catholic Church with the East

I am aware that there are difficulties understanding Eastern Catholicism, and the Rites under it, knowing how different are they compare to the Western part, which is the Latin Rite. It is being undertaken carefully that with patience and charity, disseminating information about Brothers must be coming from the side of the Laity, and even the Clergies themselves, and i hoping that they can do it by teaching Eastern Christianity and Eastern Catholicism in Seminaries and Schools of Theology. Do this is a great suggestion, i know that this might not be easy to be implemented, because it might get opposed by Extremist and Triumphalist Latin Rite Catholics.

Clarification should be taken, that Eastern Catholicism trace back in Orthodoxy, so you have now a reason why they are Orthodox in Faith. Though they recognized the Pope as the Supreme Pontiff, they look at him as  "FIRST Amongst Equals",  the Sui Iuris Patriarchs wished that he should step if problems with their  Churches remained unsolved. beyond that, anything are Eastern, as it was written that Holy Mother Church wishes to have them PRESERVED!!!!! Even the Ecumenical Councils even expressed such to be retained.

Though as i see about it, Disseminating every information might take a long time, and a lot of understanding so that the Majority of Latin Rite Catholics might have misunderstood everything about Eastern Catholicism, but as i make a deep contemplation, prayer and a deep thought, i know that by the guidance of God, and the intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos, there is no Impossible if desire.


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