Different Episcopal Ordination in the Byzantine Catholic Rite

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some of the pictures are taken from our Twin Fan Page in Facebook with same name, Eastern Rite Catholic Filipinos and other photos taken from Sites of diiferent Sui Iuris Eastern Catholic Churches under the Byzantine Rite, and most of it are the Ukrainian, Romanian, Ruthenian, Slovak, and Melkite Greek Catholic Churches

Episcopal Ordination of Most Rev. John Stephen Pazak, C.SS.R, Eparch of the Eparchy of Sts. Cyril and Methodius in Canada of the Slovak Greek Catholic Church. Principal Consecrator His Excellency Michael Bzdel, C.SS.R, Metropolitan Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Metropolia of Winnipeg and Principal Co-Consecrators His Excellency Basil Myron Schott, OFM, Metropolitan Archbishop of the Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Metropolia of Pittsburgh and Most Rev. Milan Chautur, C.SS.R, Eparch of the Slovak Greek Catholic Eparchy of Kosice 

Episcopal Ordination of Most Rev. Jan Hirka of the Slovak Greek Catholic Eparchy of Presov, now Archeparchy, in 1990. Principal Consecrator in front is Jozef Cardinal Tomko, now Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for the Evangelization of the People and His Principal Co-Consecrator from his Left, Most Rev. Michael Rusnak and Right, Most Rev. Slavomir Miklovs 

Episcopal Ordination of Most. Rev. Peter Fulop Kocsis, Eparch of the Hajdudurog Eparchy of Hungarian Byzantine Catholic Church On the photo you can see the investment of the new bishop in the Byzantine rite. Fülöp (Philip) of Hajdúdorog wears the typical liturgical undervestment on the picture: the white cloth is the undermost vestment and it is called sticharion; the epitrachil is kind of a stole which is worn around the neck and hanging down equally in the front; the zone which is the belt; and the epimanikia which is the cuffs. Fülöp kisses the so-called sakkos, the usual vestment of Greek Catholic bishops that will go above the before mentioned vestments. Szilárd Keresztes, the former bishop of Hajdúdorog is holding the sakkos.

Episcopal Ordination of Most. Rev. Atanáz Orosz, Exarch of the Hungarian Byzantine Catholic Apostolic Exarchate  of Miskolc. His consecration takes place before the Little Entrance of the Liturgy. 

Episcopal Ordination of Peter Rusnak, Eparch of the Slovak Greek Catholic Eparchy of Bratislava. the Principal Consecrator is  His Eminence Cardinal Jozef Tomko

Episcopal Ordination of Vasile Bizau, Eparch of the Romanian Greek Catholic Eparchy of Maramures, Principal Consecrator is His Beatitude Lucian Muresan, Major Archbishop of Alba Iulia Si Fagaras

More of this Photo as i post later on more Pictures of Episcopal Ordination in the Byzantine Catholic Rite


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