When some asserts that one Rite is the Dominant one within the Catholic Church!!!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

His Grace Most. Rev. Soter Stephen Ortynsky de Labetz, O.S.B.M, is the first Hierarch of the Greek Catholics (Both the Ukrainians and the Ruthenians) in the United States, though the Apostolic Exarchate was erected in 1913. But the problem regarding his Appointment is he as a very small Episcopal Authority, so i am wondering why he was Ordained a Bishop but does not have any Capacity to act such. Here is such a Testimony of how little is his Eparchial function:

"Bishop Ortinsky was forced to obtain the approval of each local Roman Catholic bishop in whose diocese a Greek Catholic parish was located before he could exercise any authority over that particular parish. In effect, Ortinsky functioned as a vicar general for all Greek Catholics in the various Roman Catholic dioceses in America. Lacking the necessary authority, Bishop Ortinsky was unable to impose the ecclesiastical discipline over both clergy and laity needed to bring order to the contentious, but still growing, Greek Catholic community in America." (Excerpt)

Though he answers directly to the Holy See, it seems that Eparch Soter Ortynsky has no power to fulfill his Episcopal Duty, and he acts as if he is no Equal with the Latin Rite Roman Catholic Bishops until 1913 when he was granted full Ordinary Jurisdiction by the Vatican, making it independent from Local Latin Rite Ordinaries.

Many years later, in 1945, when His Holiness Pope Pius XII published his Encyclical "Orientales Omnes Ecclesias" Addressing the Byzantine Catholics on the 350th Anniversary of the Union of Brest. He state this following Excerpt from the Papal Encyclical:

"From all this it is evident that our predecessors have always shown the same fatherly love to the Ruthenians as to the Catholics of the Latin rite. They have also considered it most important to defend the rights and privileges of their hierarchy. When many Latins asserted that the Ruthenian rite was of inferior standing, and some Latin bishops even declared that the Ruthenian prelates did not enjoy full episcopal rights and functions but were subject to them, this Apostolic See rejected these unjust and fanciful opinions; on 28th September 1643 a decree was published to the following effect: "Cardinal Pamphili reported divers decrees of the special Congregation for the united Ruthenians and His Holiness approved the decree of the same special Congregation of the preceding 1st August, that the Ruthenian bishops in union were bishops, and were to be so called and regarded. He approved the decree of the same Congregation that the Ruthenian bishops should be able to erect schools in their dioceses for the instruction of their youth in letters and sciences, and that the Ruthenian ecclesiastics enjoyed the privileges fori, canonis, immunitatis, libertatis, which the priests of the Latin Church enjoy."

Now i am getting creepy on this one. If the Pope is saying about the Equal enjoyment of Eastern Rite Catholic Hierarchs and the faithful, why there is still a Misunderstanding with them and the Majority Latin Rite???  I guess i can have that answer in the near future

He is right all along. Well the Pope are Advocates of the Eastern Rite,  but not the People around.

What about this Latin Rite Ordinary??? Seems familiar

At this Moment i do not want to Spoil the Fun, for i will later post a Article regarding this Ordinaries in the Latin Rite Roman Catholic Church who have caused many sufferings for the Eastern Catholics, namely of the Byzantine Rite because of it Unusual Tradition and Practice, but frankly because of what i will call Supremacy, which i will posted later on in this Blog


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