METROPOLITAN ANDREY SHEPTYTSKY (1865-1944) Last Greek Catholic Metropolitan of Lviv

Friday, August 12, 2011

Why do i say Last on the Title itself??? He is the last who have the Title Metropolitan Archbishop, besides the Metropolitan Archbishop (Now Major Archiepiscopate) of Alba Iulia si Fagaras of the Romanian Greek Catholic Church, of Lviv prior to his Successor being named in the 1960's, His Beatitude Cardinal Josfy Slipyj (Click this Article about him on this Blogspot), the first Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, and first to be named such among Eastern Catholic Hierarchs.

Indeed, Metropolitan Andrey show us the very example of "Golden Mean" rule amongst Greek Catholic. He embrace Byzantine Tradition and uphold the Catholic faith. He becomes the Symbol of Reconciliation between Poles and Ukrainians. His Leadership is a example of Holiness and Perseverance on those Troubled Times

Prayer for the Beatification and Canonization of Metropolitan Roman Aleksander Maria (Andrey) Sheptytsky

Our Lord Jesus Christ – You always reward Your faithful servants, not only with special gifts of Your love, but also with the eternal reward of the saints in heaven, and in many cases You grant them the recognition of sanctity by Your Church here on earth.
We humbly pray: grant that Your faithful servant Metropolitan Andrey be numbered among the saints. Throughout his just life, “full of suffering and trials,” he was a good shepherd for his flock and a great labourer for Christian unity. And through his beatification and intercession, grant our entire people the great gift of unity and love. Amen.


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