A Explanation regarding Eastern Catholic Churches and who Eastern Catholics are

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rev. Fr. Hieromonk Maximos Davies explaining what are the Eastern Catholic Churches and who are this  Eastern Catholics as he was interview by Madame Catherine Alexander of the Blogspot  Your Word from the Wise. Here are the Questions being asked:

1. Some people say Eastern Catholics are Roman Catholics of an Eastern rite, some say they are Orthodox Christians who are currently in communion with Rome, and some say Eastern Catholics are primarily a bridge of unity between East and West. I'd like to discuss each of these three positions with you.

2. I'd like to discuss the title, "Roman Catholics of an Eastern rite." The emphasis is that they're Catholic first, and believe all things that the Roman Catholic Church believes, while living out that faith through a different liturgical and devotional framework. Will you discuss what it means to be an Eastern Catholic in light of this title?

3. Some people say that Eastern Catholics are Orthodox Christians in communion with Rome as a means of asserting the Eastern Catholic Churches' independence from Rome and their unity with Orthodoxy, especially in the areas of history, theology, and spirituality. What do you think the benefits and pitfalls are of using this title to describe the relationship Eastern Catholics have with Rome?

4. With this balance of being fully Orthodox and fully Catholic, some people believe the Eastern Catholic Churches are a bridge for unity between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches. They say unity is the main purpose of the Eastern Catholic Churches, and a failure to bring about full unity means the Eastern Catholic experiment was a failure. Would you shed some light on this position?

5. With those three things in mind, what would you say it means to be an Eastern Catholic?

This Interview explaining the Sui Iuris Eastern Catholic Churches is the continuation of the other Article here which explained Eastern Catholic Theological Patrimony. You can also visit the Website of the Romanian Greek Catholic Monastery of the Holy Resurrection


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