For the sake of Unity, Yes we Dialogue, but we do not Compromise!!!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Just as this Picture states, it is a fact that we can engaged in "Ecumenism" with our Orthodox, both Eastern, Oriental and the Assyrian, without making any jeopardy with the teachings of the Holy Mother Church (On this part, i am just tackling Catholic-Orthodox Ecumenical relationship).

But deep within this Dialogue we have on this Orthodox brethren of ours, there are instances that we are engaging in such talks in the risk of compromising our Eastern Catholic in return. Do not get me wrong,and don't ever dare me to say that i am citing Division here cause Hypocrisy is always the nature of this so called "Ecumenical" Tacticts. specially on those Orthodox who like to me dialogues at the expense of harassing and intimidating our Eastern Catholic brethrens. Yes we are for Christian unity, but if this is the same kind of justification that will hurt Eastern Catholics because of what they have done for the sake of Reunificating with the Catholic Church, i must say that your quest for that Union is a "Impossible" Dream for this Orthodox!!!!!

Let us not forget the Eastern Catholic Saints and Blesseds, even Venerables and Servants of God, who have die because of Ecumenical tactics of these Eastern Christian counterparts, of which the Catholic Church is now engaging into Talks regarding Christian Unity.. Again i clarify that i am not inciting anything here or i am against Ecumenism itself. Truth truly is painful, and Ecumenism itself with this Eastern Orthodox have a "side" effect and do have a "Jeopardizing" effect on Eastern Catholics

You want to forget those Persecution, Harrassment and Intimidation, then let this remind you

Most of these people are Victims of Ecumenical tactics!!! They have been harassed, intimidated and even at the point of Murder just to renounce the Union with the Holy Mother Church. Some of them even bribed to be Hierarchs of Orthodox Church being used by the Communist Atheist beast, but of course all of them remained Faithful to the Union. Let us not forget them as we engage in Ecumenism because we have just maligned their Memories if we forget that they also die for the sake of a Christian Catholic Union +


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