The Hymn of Kassiani, Orthros for Great and Holy Wednesday

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Doxastikon of Saint Kassiani

"Sensing Thy divinity, O Lord, a woman of many sins
Takes it upon herself to become a myrrh-bearer,
And in deep mourning brings before Thee fragrant oil
In anticipation of Thy burial; crying:
"Woe to me! For night is unto me, oestrus of lechery,
A dark and moonless eros of sin.
Receive the wellsprings of my tears,
O Thou who gatherest the waters of the oceans into clouds.
Bend to me, to the sorrows of my heart,
O Thou who bendedst down the heavens in Thy ineffable self-emptying.
I will kiss Thine immaculate feet
And dry them with the locks of my hair;
Those very feet whose sound Eve heard at dusk in Paradise
And hid herself in fear.
Who shall reckon the multitude of my sins,
Or the abysses of Thy judgment, O Saviour of my soul?
Turn not away from Thy handmaiden,
O Thou whose mercy is endless."


This Hymn is being Chanted at the End of Holy Tuesday Bridegroom Service. Here is the Link of the History of the Hymn and the Life of St Kassiani the Nun and also a Link of the Prayer on the End of the Bridegroom Service. For those who are wondering why i am posting while many might think that Holy Week is over, well it is not yet over to our Brethrens from some Eastern Orthodox and some Eastern Rite Catholic Churches, namely the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. More Articles on the Eastern Rite will come later on beginning with this post, so we delayed on Greeting all of our Readers here of a Happy and Blessed Pascha


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