Not all are Happy on the Christmas "Gift"

Monday, December 5, 2011

Last November 29, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Archeparchy of Lviv was elevated to become a Metropolitan, and with its Archeparch His Excellency Ihor Vozniak, C.SS.R, promoted into Metropolitan Archbishop. In December 13 and 22, the Eparchies of Ivano Frankivsk and Ternopil will be Elevated in Metropolitan Archeparchies too, But the Russian Orthodox Church are not that "Quite" happy on this Development as it was states on the Article from the site Religious Information Service in Ukraine regarding this Issue

First, let us clarify that i do not Copy paste the whole Article from that site, even if i make a citation. I will only cite some Important message the People are involve here. Just click the link below to read the Article.

Here is a Quote from their Secretary of  the Department of External Church Affairs,  Fr. Dmytro Syzonenko:

"We are always concerned over activization of Catholics at the territories which are not considered Catholic. Ukraine is not considered a Catholic region. Reforms of the Church structures are an internal matter of UGCC but establishment of metropolitanates is an indication that they strengthen their positions which will inevitably cause tension in the Orthodox-Catholic relations in Ukraine"

Another comment from their Eparch His Grace Yevstratii (Zoria):

"It is obvious to everyone that UGCC has a significant number of faithful and clergy in the three Galician regions and its historic presence in that region is considerable. Therefore, it is not surprising that UGCC decided to establish the structural units in Ukraine as it has metropolitanates abroad. The statements of ROC [Russian Orthodox Church] as to complication of the dialogue because of UGCC are just an element of the diplomatic game of Moscow with the Vatican. ROC has used these scary tales of destroyed eparchies, confiscated churches with one purpose, namely, to get something from the Vatican"

Now from the side of the Ukrainian Greek Catholics:

Another quote from the Auxiliary Eparch of the newyl promoted Ukrainian Greek Catholic Metropolitan Archdiocese of Lviv, His Grace Benedict Aleksiychuk:

"If someone is happy with that, we will be glad, if someone is irritated, we should understand that we can not satisfy everyone. This is an internal development of our church, of our structures"

To make a Summary, on the side of the Ukrainian Greek Catholics, it is obvious, being the largest of all Eastern Catholic Churches comprising 8 Million adherents, it is a must to have this Elevation, specially in the Western part of Ukraine, where Byzantine Catholicism comprised the largest Community there. On the Russian Orthodox, i better ask why the worry?? the Kyivan Orthodox under Filaret makes the right comment: That's a Internal Affair. What did not affect you will not Kill you Hehehe and specially that Area in Galicia has been Catholic since the time of Union of Brest in 1595, and Uzhorod in 1646. Here again the Moscow of all Rus, making a Cock a Doodle Poo Wiw 

For some i am just making my Statements clear, and to clarify, this is not RANTING :P And please do not ever try to expose those History of Uniate "Violence", it has nothing to do with this one, Honestly 

Reminds me of this Article of that Russian Metropolitan Cry Baby, really the Situation there in Ukraine is not that far from over, and the Eastern Rite Catholic Filipino Blogspot will closely look and monitor all this.


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