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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Some days ago if i can still count, as i browse in the Internet i have encountered this Article of the famous Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev making a cry baby to the Vatican on resolving some Issues between the Orthodox and Catholic in Ukraine, specially of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. He said there are still tension on regards of Properties which are still contested, read the article below about this matter

Reuters Exclusive: Orthodox Leader urge Vatican to resolve Dispute

As i observe, Metropolitan Hilarion is crying foul for such freedom after the Ukrainian Independence that lost all of the Orthodox in Western Ukraine to become Ukrainian Greek Catholics, and the fight of taking over Church believe to be confiscated by the Soviets to the Greek Catholics. Look at this Hypocrisy of him telling that the Orthodox in Ukraine (Under the Metropolitan of Kyiv and not the Break away self proclaimed Ukrainian Orthodox Patriarchate of Kyiv) are subject under Proselytism by the Catholic Church, which is of course not true Here is  a excerpt of what Metropolitan Hilarion is saying regarding a possible meeting of Patriarch Kirill and His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI:

"This is why we regard positively the development of our relations but still we believe that some further work should be done to improve the situation before the meeting between the pope and patriarch could take place,
We believe that such a meeting is quite possible but before we discuss the time, the venue, the protocol we would like to come to agreement on basic issues and we would like to receive some signs of readiness to work for the solutions of the existing problem" - Metropolitan Hilarion

Let me reminded him that most of the People in Western Ukraine are Byzantine Catholics beginning in 1595 at the Union of Brest until the False Synod of Lviv in 1946, where almost all of them are forced to be part of the Russian Orthodox Church. And now the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, which is not recognized by the Russians as a Sui Iuris but a part of the Latin Rite Roman Catholics (See, even the Pravoslavije have Supremacist and Triumphalist too) is just taking what is rightfully theirs. Metropolitan Hilarion is making this Accusation of Catholics proselytizing the Orthodox, to pleased their Patriarch Kirill and to make Vatican look like a Moron by not just having their Churches near St. Peters but to make them fool over this by saying the Pope will not resolved such problem if he will fell victim on these pressures by Moscow, and everyone know this one is Political in overtone and not just Religious and Ecumenism being used as a tool against the Catholic Church, and to be exact is the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

Because i am a Latin Rite Roman Catholic Filipino who is just making a Opinion and my views regarding this Issues from these Hypocrites, here is another more plausible Article from the site of Religious Information Service of Ukraine making a Interpellation on the Metropolitan Hilarion statement of the alleged conflict, 
Here is the Rebuttal of Metropolitan Hilarion's statement from the Ukrainian Greek Catholic side:

Very different reasons stand behind ROC's accusations against Greek Catholics

As for the question of church property, the previous head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) Lubomyr (Husar) in an interview to the BBC said: "These accusations have been made for many years now. But I have yet to hear someone prove them. There is a Latin proverb quod gratis asseritur, gratis negatur  what is asserted without reason may be denied without reason. If we heard legitimate criticisms that could be taken as truly objective, it would be interesting. Until now, other than public statements submitted to the Vatican or to others, I see no proven allegations. They say that we, the Greek Catholics, interfere in the building of churches in western Ukraine by the Orthodox of the Moscow Patriarchate, or that we have forcibly taken them away. I do not know if there is at least one example where we have taken a church built the Orthodox of the Moscow Patriarchate. In 1946 the ROC received from the state very many, if I’m not mistaken, more than 500 churches for liturgical use, while the other churches were to be used for secular purposes, such as cinemas, theaters or stores. But one can hardly say that those that were transferred were the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate. They never showed us their willingness to return them when the right time and freedom came." - His Beatitude Cardinal Lubomyr Husar, M.S.U 

The Patriarch Emeritus of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is not lying, and he is telling the Truth, with some points to be considered, knowing if such claims has basis on its own, But instead Moscow Orthodox Patriarchate still makes its unending Polemics against the Catholic Church, specially of those in the Byzantine Rite, and to be exact the Ukrainian Catholic Church. So with finality here i end though i think this is not that over yet, that the meeting of the Russian Patriarch and the Pope is not possible and it is not likely to happen or else it will us into a situation whether you either choose Moscow or Kyiv, and vice versa!!!

Yes, the Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Metropolitan of Kyiv finally meet. Well good for them, but we still wait for a possible meet of the Pope and the Moscow Patriarch in near future, if you can feel how near it is :)))

My advice to Metropolitan Hilarion: Keep going with the Propaganda and the Ecumenical Strategy and Moscow Patriarchate will flourished, no doubt about that and kidding aside at all. We can all achieve Christian Unity with this kind of Prelate, taking advantage in the name of their beloved Patriarch Kirill

I do not know why did i post this Photo of His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk here in the Article, but reminding me previous article here many months ago about the rightfully heir of the All Rus Patriarchate, and the first time to use in this Blogspot the term "Ecumenical" tactics here :D


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