A bit of Information for our Eastern Catholic brethren

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Though i see this one as a copy paste information, it might have a little help to our brothers who are studying and interested about Eastern Catholicism. here are the helpful Links from Wikipedia

Eastern Christianity (Wikipedia)

It explains not just the Eastern Catholic Churches, but the whole Eastern Christianity in particular, namely the Families of Churches including the Assyrian Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and the Eastern Orthodox. how do they evolved and the History of the split of these Churches which has inflicted pain in Christendom for centuries

Eastern Catholic Churches (Wikipedia

Now we have Eastern Catholic Churches, who are before are part of either the Oriental or Eastern Orthodoxy who have decided to return back in Communion with the Catholic Church, except those who claimed that they never separated like the Maronite Catholics, Syro Malabar Catholics and Italo-Albanese Byzantine Catholics. we see how they evolved and the development of these Churches with the Guidance of the Holy Father the Pope in centuries and remained still in Union amidst persecution and backlash

NOTE: This are the valuable sources that i got, if you have any other known source, please shared and we are please to be knowledgeable more about the Sui Iuris Eastern Catholic Churches ^_^


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