Please tell me if i am committing a Calumny??!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I have been silent for so many days, doing nothing at those heavy load of tirades and smear attacks against the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and other so called "Uniate" Church. But now that i am still grasping to regained the Christian Charity here, i am going to make a full Statement, just Paragraphs so that Readers could ever read it and i will not post any Links, Pictures or Videos pertaining such so that i can make myself clear to all as i give my thoughts on some violent and if i may said it, uncharitable, attitude of our Orthodox Brethren on their Sister Counterparts in the Eastern Catholic Churches.

First, i was disturbed on some post in Facebook which contain some Anti Eastern Catholic polemical attacks, namely directed to the Largest Sui Iuris Church by the name of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Though knowing that all of this are just Political in nature (I hope it is, i really need help from the most learned ones, namely the Historian of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church) i am still disturbed honestly and that, if such Atrocities are being made after the 1595 Union of Brest, then we should ask forgiveness among our part. Unfortunately the Historical facts that our Eastern Rite Orthodox brethren has given us is somewhat exaggerated in feature. Well, even if i say that what do i expect from a Orthodox who use it to sound that Greek Catholics of Eastern Europe are the most violent and demonized them because of this "Unia" claim. Even if i say it might be compared to the Sack of Constantinople, i do not see any reason why this have to end up in a Conflict because of Historical misunderstanding, Centuries in the making

Not that i am also trying to make a bad impression to or brethrens in the Eastern Orthodoxy, because some of them have a good relationship with their Sister Eastern Catholic Churches, unlike this one. Let us be reminded that by Accusing the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Churches politically, it can also have a backlash to them?!! Why such?? First, what is your concern on a Autonomous Church that you does not seem to belong to, remember the Orthodoxy has 14 Autocephalous Churches and most of them don't mind each other, so what is the reason of defending a dis united Church?? And second, this Religious problem is only concentrated in Ukraine, and please do not extend it even here in the Philippines. It is not our problem to meddle to them, and we do not have any knowledge of the Situation here. Yes, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Churches is the most persecuted one, though it is also not just the fault of the Orthodox, namely the Russian Orthodox Church, to be blamed but also the Latin Rite Roman Catholic Polish who also shared this kind of Atrocities to them (Though as i write here, i am only confronting few hostile Orthodox here and not Roman Catholics, cause i have a separate article into it)

I am not also forgetting here that i write here for the sake of defending those others who have no idea what kind of slanderous they are facing, which is the so called "Uniates" of Eastern Europe. Here i show the problem of One sided exposition of arguments. Thus i better suggest that our Eastern Catholic brethren answer such accusation against them. Before this Year ends, i just have longing to write this one, because i cannot bear anymore the Slanderous and Malicious barrage against our Byzantine Catholics in Europe, with evidence demonizing them as Proselytisers as such, though it seems this proof is not that sufficient in substance. Here is my full statement not just in defense of Eastern Catholicism, but also defending the Byzantine Catholicism in Eastern Europe as well.

Before this Year end, i want to make things as it were, to put the record straight. I am not singling out one Orthodox or a entire Church, though i say that not all of them have the same Attitude and instill a Historical grudge to the so called "Uniates" i write this for their sake, that they may defend themselves on this one side accusation of murders and violence that these "Uniates" wage against the Orthodox in the late 16th century.

And by the way, my Statements here are my Personal opinions and i do not include the Integrity of this Whole Blog nor its Contributor and my Second Head Moderator. I am ready to face everything as i write here, but i also stated above that each of this side must give their Arguments here as fair square. And again, i do not forget this Apology i made many Months ago, though i never forget this is a reality that is happening.. If what i am saying here is Calumny or Malicious lies, then it is your Problem anymore, not mine!!!! Have to set the records straight cause i no longer can hold my Silence. Please read little by little this very First Article in this Year of our Lord 2012, and the Great Feast of the Most Holy Virgin and Blessed Theotokos in the Latin rite



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