A Defence of using Vernacular in the Sacred Liturgy from a Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch during Vatican II Sessions

Monday, January 23, 2012

"Christ offered the first Eucharistic Sacrifice in a language which could be understood by all who heard him, namely, Aramaic. … Never could the idea have come to them [the Apostles] that in a Christian gathering the celebrant should read the texts of Holy Scripture, sing psalms, preach or break bread, and at the same time use a language different from that of the community gathered there … because this language [Latin] was spoken by the faithful of that time, Greek was abandoned in favor of Latin. … Why, then, should the Roman Church cease to apply the same principle today?"

His Beatitude Cardinal Maximos IV Sayegh


One friend of mine told me before ( He is not anymore my friend, he is a Latin Traddie) that Eastern Catholic Hierarchs has nothing to do during the Sessions of the Vatican II Ecumenical Councils and should interfered on issues involving the Latin Rite. Well by these we can see totally how Eastern Rite Catholic Hierarchs championed reforms and even influencing the Sacred Liturgy of the West. Ooppsss it has nothing to do with that celebrated  Archbishop Annibale Bugnini or those Modernist and Freemasons Boo boo but the very old Traditions of the East being introduced in the Latin Rite, namely Concelebration and the use of the Vernacular. Seemingly there are some case of Latin Rite Traddies who are denouncing using the Vernacular in the Pauline Mass but attending Eastern Rite Divine Liturgies in Vernacular, look at this One sided Foolishness. Anyways i will thank Hierarchs like His Beatitude Maximos, who even defeated in a Debate the famous Traditionalist Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani after he has lost the time to make a rebuttal, well can you beat that, so will you say Latin is the OFFICIAL Liturgical Language of the Whole Church if you have Church Slavonic, Arabic, Greek, Malayalam, Armenians and others to be named eh  :P


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