Catholic in Communion, Orthodox in Faith!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Everyone who have read this Blog and even Visit our Facebook Fan Page, are aware that i am Attending Church Services in the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Annunciation in Paranaque, the Seat of the Philippine Exarchate of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the first among the ranks in the Eastern Orthodox Communion. So does it mean that i am already leaving Catholicism?!! I do not need to answer this question myself because deep in my heart I have only one conviction: that the Pope is the Universal Pontiff Head of the Church and the Vicar of Christ on Earth, This conviction of mine will not be moved even by the majesty and grandeur and solemnity of Eastern Rite spirituality and worship as I experienced and witnessed myself in the Orthodox Church." I am just there to Attend and Appreciate Eastern Spirituality and the Solemnity of their Divine Liturgies, which i cannot describe how it looks like, unlike the Liturgy of the Roman Church, i can truly say whether i am in Earth or Heaven, as the Envoys of St. Volodymyr of Kyiv have acclaimed on witnessing the same Liturgy i have witness. The very first time i see a Iconostasis and lost of Icons in my whole life :)

Me, Yours truly, in a Green Polo Attending the Service of the 12 Gospels on Maundy Thursday, the Eastern Rite Holy Week in the Julian Paschalion

Honestly i have truly recognized the Solemnity and the Dignity of the Sacred Liturgies of the East, even though i have attended it into the Greek Orthodox themselves, i have put a high regards specially on their Spirituality. No Church issues here, i can truly say that i am  ORTHODOX for i am a True Believing Christian, abjuring any kinds of Heresies at the same i am a CATHOLIC in Communion with the Holy Father, the Guardian of not just different Churches but of all Liturgies, whether they are in the West or East, though i have experience my Eastern Rite Liturgies to the Orthodox and not Greek Catholics

For those whose say that i am not retaining my Obedience and Loyalty to the Holy Universal Pontiff, well i cannot please anyone but the Pictures of the Pope will say that this Blog is in UNION WITH THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, AND RECOGNIZING THE JURIDICAL AUTHORITY OF THE POPE!!!

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, Holy Universal Pontiff of the Catholic Church and Pope of Rome, blessing the faithful and the clergies using Dikirion and Trikirion in the Melkite Greek Catholic Cathedral of Amman, Jordan on his Holy Land Visit


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