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Monday, May 21, 2012

I do not like to make any comment, but the Statement given by His Eminence Leonardo Sandri, the Prefect of the Eastern Catholic Church, is quite disturbing. Reminding me that Once upon a time, a Latin rite Hierarch show his Bull headed attitude to a Greek Catholic Priest which cause Major Schism in the Americas in the 19th Century. By the way the Prefect of this Sacred Congregation is not even a Eastern Catholic, but a Latin Rite, so as to give you a hint on him. Here is the following quotations of his Address to the Bishop

‎"The cardinal (Leonardo Sandri, prefect of the Congregation for Eastern Churches) urged care in helping young people discern their vocation, "maintaining formation programs, integrating immigrant priests (and) embracing celibacy in respect of the ecclesial context" of the United States where mandatory celibacy is the general rule for priests."

This one gave me the creeps. It seems the Cardinal forget that Eastern Rite Catholic Churches has a unbroken Tradition of Married Priesthood. He also does not forget Married Eastern Catholics are the reason why Archbishop John Ireland refused to recognized Alexis Toth on ministering Greek Catholics is the reason he is a Married Priest. Let us not forget the Ea Semper and Cum data fuerit, which have restrained Celibacy in the Priesthood, resulting to a Schism lead by Msgr. Orestes Chornock. Also, in the Latin Rite, Married Priest also exist, namely in the Anglican Use Personal Ordinariates, though Latin rite holds the Tradition of maintaining Celibate Priests

As usual, this Comment have produced Opinions from Eastern Catholics and even Orthodox as well, so here is the other Article which i see, has prove that once again  the likes of Archbishop John Ireland and Latin Rite supremacist are now making their presence felt:

It has been widely center of talk in the United States. And the Cardinal, if ever i gave him a Benefit of a Doubt, i will not do so because at the first instance, he is a Latin Rite Ordinary, does he know everything on Eastern Catholic Church, i hope it is because by the way he speaks History will happened again, People like him in the Roman Curia is making Complications affecting Eastern Catholics

Honestly i have goosebumps every time i post this Picture. The same People who have forced Alexis Toth on jumping to Orthodoxy are the same People telling Eastern Catholics to do the same. You want Union, sorry to say but Thanks but no Thanks at all. This is the price of becoming a Eastern Catholic, its either you get persecuted by not just the Orthodox but their Brethren Latin Catholic as well

Below will be another Article which is a letter written by a Ruthenian Greek Catholic Priest to his Metropolitan Archbishop which is performing a Ad Limina visit in Rome


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