Mnohaya Lita to the new Eastern Catholic Cardinals!!!!! AXIOS +

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yesterday a Consistory was held by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to create new members of the Sacred College of the Cardinals. 2 of the 22 newly created Cardinals are Heads of Different Sui Iuris Eastern Catholic Church, namely His Beatitude Cardinal George Alencherry, Major Archbishop of Ernakulam-Angamalay of the Syro Malabar Catholic Church and His Beatitude Cardinal Lucian Muresan, Major Archbishop of Fagaras si Alba Iulia of the Romanian Greek Catholic Church. Like i say before, many have object this kind of Pro "Forma" because Eastern Rite should not be objected to the Authority of a Latin Rite Hierarch. Nevertheless, we should understand that they accept being raised or named to the Cardinalate as a gesture of Unity and being in Communion not just with the Pope of Rome, but the Holy Universal Pontiff of the Catholic Church as a whole

Above is the Video clip of naming them Cardinals, giving their position as Cardinal Priest and Cardinal Deacon. It has been highly heated Issue that Major Archbishop must be named the Highest Cardinalatial rank, the Cardinal Bishop because their position is equal to that of the Patriarch, though with slight difference.
Below are the handpicked Photos of the Consistory, including the very unusual Choir Dress of the Syro Malabar Cardinal which makes me Amazed that i cannot move on until now Hehehe all this Pictures are taken from the Facebook Fan Page in honour of the Syro Malabar Major Archbishop




For more of this Church event click on this link  and this one for more Information. I leave readers to give their Comments because i will reserved doing so a later on. Keep notice the Choir Dress of the Syro Malabar Cardinal, and the specially his Red Biretta with a St Thomas Cross on top of it :)


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