AKATHIST Hymn to our fathers among the saints Cyril and Methodius

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Troparion (Tone 4)
O Cyril and Methodius, inspired by God,
You became equal to the Apostles by your life.
Since you were teachers of the Slavs,
Intercede with the Master of all
That He may strengthen all Orthodox peoples in the True Faith,
And that He may grant peace to the world
And great mercy to our souls.
Kontakion - Tone 3
Let us praise the two priests of God who enlightened us,
And poured upon us the fount of the knowledge of God by translating the Holy Scripture.
O Cyril and Methodius, as abundant learning has been drawn from this work,
We exalt you who now stand before the Most High,
Interceding with fervor for the salvation of our souls. 
That all maybe One, Today we celebrate the Feats of the Two Brothers who have become the Apostles of the Slavs, Sts. Cyril and Methodius though few Eastern Catholics and most of the Latin Rite Roman Catholics observed the Commemoration of this Two Saints today February 14 while some Eastern Rite observed it on May 11. They are also Co-Patron Saints of the Continent of Europe.
For more click on this Orthowiki Link and the other one from Wikipedia to know their Lives and Works. Also here is the Papal Encylical of His Holiness Blessed Pope John Paul II in Commemoration of the Eleventh Centenary of this Two Brother Saints Evangelization, Slavorum Apostoli


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