A Byzantine Catholic Hierarch's letter pleading to the Pope against "Latin Rite Superiority Complex"!! :)))

Sunday, October 16, 2011

His Grace Most. Rev. Isidore Borecky (1911-2003) is the first Apostolic Exarch of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Exarchate (Later Eparchy) of Toronto and Eastern Canada. Being aware of repression done to the Byzantine Catholics in Canada and United States as well, in 1989 he write a letter to the then Pope His Holiness Blessed John Paul II pleading to him not to prohibit any Married Priest to exercise their Ministry in Canada. Below is the statement he has written to the Pope (All Citations mine")

"Over the last century, the attempt to impose celibacy has not succeeded, but it has provoked at least three schisms in North America, as follows:

1. The schism led by Archpriest Alexis Toth commencing in Minneapolis in 1891. The vast majority of members of the Russian Orthodox Churches in the U.S. and Canada are descended from former Catholics who left the Church through this movement;

 Alexis Toth, the Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Priest who led the mass conversion to Orthodoxy in the 19th century

2. The schism which formed the Ukrainian Greek-Orthodox Church of Canada during and after the First World War. Except for new immigrants, virtually all the members of this denomination are former Catholics and their descendants;

 Archbishop John (Theodorovych) the first Metropolitan of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

3. The celibacy schism of the 1930's in the U.S. led by Father (later Metropolitan) Orestes Chornock, which resulted in the formation of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Diocese and its reception into the Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople.

 Orestes Chornock, first Metropolitan of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the United States

These schisms were attended by acrimonious court battles, disgraceful public spectacles which resulted in many enduring wounds to the body of Christ, the Church, and serious scandals to the detriment of the Catholic cause. They are still a major obstacle to ecumenical relations....

Hierarchs of Ukraine have been ordaining married priests and sending them to us for a century, from Metropolitan Sylvester Cardinal Sembratovynch, through Metropolitan Andrew Sheptytsky, Joseph Cardinal Slipyj (who in Rome itself ordained at least 46 such priests for the diaspora without any objection from the Holy See) and now the present Eastern Catholic hierarchs in Ukraine.

His Excellency Metropolitan Cardinal Sylvester Sembratovych, Ukrainian Greek Catholic Metropolitan Archbishop of Lviv and Primate of all Rus (1882-1898)

 His Grace Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, Ukrainian Greek Catholic Metropolitan of Lviv and Primate of all Rus (1900-1944)

At the very least, Your Holiness, surely it is not improper to ask for an explanation of this complete innovation. Since Pope Pius Xll established the Eparch of Toronto we have received married priests who were ordained in Ukraine or elsewhere in Europe on the instruction of Cardinal Tisserant, and until today there has been no objection.

Cardinal Eugene Tisserant, Secretary of the Congregation of the Eastern Catholic Churches

 His Holiness Pope Pius XII

 How, When, and Why has this policy changed?
Any attempt to prevent the priests ordained in Ukraine from exercising the sacred ministry would provoke an immediate and vehement protest from the faithful, and even from the reverend clergy. These priests have been received with very great joy, and they are carrying out much needed pastoral work. Suddenly interrupting that work now would do irreparable harm to the peace of the Church here."


Do i have to put more Lines there, hope not and Vladyka Isidore is quite right after all

The same Operative of the Dominant Latin Rite which has force itself upon Byzantine Catholics in the late 19th century is still alive in the 20th and even at the early wee's of 21th century.

Though we pray that all maybe One, i am not skeptic that Unity will be at hand soon!!!

Vechnayat Pamyat Vladyka Isidore at this endeavor of yours to plead to the Vatican!!!!! +

His Grace Most. Rev. Isidore Borecky on his early years as Bishop.


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