Another Major Archiepiscopate pleading to become a Patriarchate!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Besides the Ukrainian Greek Catholic who has been flooding the Vatican for almost 4 decades of Petition to have themselves elevated in the Patriarchate. I also did not put away this another pleading which has been created by another largest Sui Iuris Eastern Catholic Church, which is the Syro Malabar Catholic, elevated into a Major Archiepiscopate in 1992, has been making enormous attempts just like the Ukrainian Greek Catholics in Rome to be elevated into a Patruarchate. Here below is the Article from the Blogspot The Syro Malabar Church and the explanations of why there should be a need to be a Patriarchate.

Why we need a Patriarchate???

While reading this, one of the things that reminds me is how the Vatican makes a conflict regarding the Self Government of the Sui Iuris Self Governing Eastern Catholic Churches. Yes they are very supportive to the Liturgical Tradition, Theological Patrimony and the different Popular forms of Piety. But the main thing is the Self Autonomy which is in question in here??!!! Well the situations of the Major Archiepiscopal Churches like the Eastern Catholic Patriarchates are indeed Self Governing in many aspects, though not all, cause they are all under the Communion and the Juridical Authority, if ever he asserts this if he Presides in Charity, of the Holy Father the Pope, the Holy Ecumenical Pontiff of Rome.

St. Thomas Cross, the Symbolic Emblem of the Syro Malabar Catholic Church.


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