AKATHIST Hymn to Our venerable and God-bearing Father Saint Anthony the Great

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Apolytikion (Fourth Tone)
O Father Anthony, you imitated the zealous Elijah.
You followed the straight paths of the Baptist and became a desert dweller.
By prayer you confirmed the universe.
Wherefore, intercede with Christ our God to save our souls.
Kontakion (Second Tone)
Forsaking the uproars of life O venerable one,
you completed your life in quiet, fully imitating the Baptist.
Therefore, we honor you with him, O Anthony, Father of Fathers
One of the Prominent Desert Fathers and Mothers, St. Anthony the Great, also known as St. Athony the Abbot, is the first known Monk to practice Asceticism in the Wilderness, which is the Desert, and helped spread the concept of Monasticism according to St. Athanasius of Alexandria.  He is also the Proponent of the "Pray and Work" rule, even anticipating St. Benedict of Nursia for 200 years. All of his sayings are written in the book "Sayings of the Desert Fathers". For more regarding his Life, click here on the Hagiography of St. Anthony the Great


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