The first Planned Divine Liturgy of Byzantine Rite in the Philippine and the Study Group

Friday, June 3, 2011

At first this was the first plan i have in hand when i created the Group Eastern Rite Catholic Filipinos and after the Fan Page was created at the same time. Though i am very optimistic at this one, i know for a fact that there will be a Opposition against it, mainly those who are coming from some People in the Traditional Movement, who are promoting the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite and along with them are the Local Ordinaries, saying that there is no Canonical establishment of such Eastern Catholic Community here but a widespread group of Eastern Catholic who are Transient in Nature and second to those that we will against this idea is the Philippine Exarchate of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and i know for a fact how some of this Eastern Orthodox are very hostile to Eastern Catholicism, and even some calling me a "AGENT OF UNIATISM", have to make that one to Bold Letters to emphasize what was called to me by this People

I was told also here in my previous post last Month at this Link here, i am very fortunate to Chat with some Filipinos in Facebook who are residing in North America who have been admitted as Members of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic, plus to this, i am also very bless to know  in Australia the Chancellor of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Eparchy, Very. Rev. Olexander Kenez and a Melkite friend there, Collin Michael Nunis who are conversing to me on how we can celebrate a Divine Liturgy in the Philippines according to the Byzantine Rite.

I know for a fact there are numerous Divine Liturgies of Eastern Catholic which have been celebrated here, but most of ti are Holy Qurbana of the Syro Malabar Catholics and Maronite Catholics, and i hear comments how Latinized are this Holy Mass according to the both Antiochene and Syro-Oriental/Chaldean Rite. Well i can understand the situation of the Syro Malabar Catholics, knowing that they have lost a lot of their Liturgical Heritage because of Portuguese interference while the Maronites has been ever since prone to Latinization, and i also hear the desire of some to experience the beauty and rich liturgical essence of the Greek Rite, sometimes ending up observing the Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox here.

My friends, both Abroad and here are helping me to form this Eastern Catholic Study Group, a Community of few People who have expressed their support that there should be a disseminated information regarding Eastern Catholicism, which is unknown to all Catholics of the Dominant Latin Rite (or called Roman Catholics by our Brethren Eastern Catholics) and to make everyone know the beauty of the Liturgical Tradition, Theological Emphasis and Popular Piety in the East among our Eastern Catholic brothers, and once we have organized things well here, within this year perharps or next maybe, we can invite Priest at nearby Australia (cause it is the nearest Eastern Catholic canonical territory, of which there is a Eparchy for Melkite Greek Catholics and Ukrainian Greek Catholics) to give talks regarding Eastern Catholicism and even celebrated Divine Liturgy in private, so that a public celebration might not spark a protest from the Eastern Orthodox Community here. Still i am looking for it to happen, but for now there are still planning, organizing and foresights on some possibilities.


Ian June 4, 2011 at 12:57 AM  

Dear Noah,
When you visited the Annunciation Orthodox Church did anyone showed you any hostility? So how come you are accusing "some" of the Eastern Orthodox brethren at the Annunciation of being "very hostile". If they were "very hostile" baka hindi ka na nakalabas ng simbahan ng buhay :P Please be just and truthful. The Greek Orthodox Episcopal Vicar and the Filipino parish priest at the Annunciation Orthodox Church welcomed you inside their church. An Orthodox brother even toured you inside the Orthodox Cathedral. Please consider these things before writing your very negative speculations against the Latin Traditionalists and the Orthodox. God bless you.

achanoah June 4, 2011 at 11:00 AM  

I am saying all these thing which you have told, are you not forgetting something Ian, someone has told me that before, i have a debt of gratitude to the People there, i know that and i owed them a lot but i also know what will be their reaction once a Greek Catholic Clergy set foot here and celebrated Divine Liturgy, at alam mo ikaw nagsabi niyan sakin many months ago :P very hostile sila sa Eastern Catholicism, and did i not say "some"??? Alam ko me wala naman ako sinabi na "all", i am not generalizing Mr Ian or should i say Hhmmm..... Kung nasaktan ko ang damdamin mo pasensiya na Frater pero sinabi ko lang ang mga narinig ko, and if i am not mistaken sa iyo ko narinig ang ilan doon :))) God Bless din Kapatid

Ian June 4, 2011 at 11:40 AM  

What where the reactions of the Orthodox brethren when you visited the Annunciation Orthodox Church? Did they showed you a "very hostile" attitude when you where there? The Episcopal Vicar, the Parish Priest and the brethren are aware that you are actively promoting Eastern Catholicism but they welcomed you inside the Church. So how come after welcoming you inside their Church you wrote that you "know for a fact how some of this Eastern Orthodox are very hostile to Eastern Catholicism" when you can not even prove that some of them are indeed "very hostile"? Remember, "actions speaks louder then words" and facts are never ever based merely on "hearsay" (i.e. mga narinig mo) Kaya nga sinabi ko na kung "very hostile" ang Orthodox sa tulad mo eh hindi ka na nakalabas ng buhay sa loob ng Simbahan. :P So who is being "very hostile" to whom? Instead of promoting goodwill and brotherhood your article is promoting hatred and animosity between the Orthodox and Catholics in this country (and also with the traditionalist catholics). Please cease from writing such article. Its not helpful.

achanoah June 4, 2011 at 3:40 PM  

No, i am not making any Anymosity here whatsoever, i am just stating what i have to say, and wala na ba ako karapatan na sabihin ang saloobin at ang nalalaman ko aber??? Well Mr Ian do not put things above to justify yourself!!! Yes i appreciate the fact how People are hospitable there, do i forget about that and please wag mo isusumbat sakin laaht yan because of my Article Sir Ian and please, it seems that you have nature of Hypocrisy, your the once who like to attacked the Catholic Church if i am not right but saying the truth!!!!! I was reminded before i observe that i will only cause havoc there, sino kaya rumour mongrel me gawa nun on spreading that calumnious lie againts me. Well, i do not mind anymore, and if you have balls list my Name to be banned in the Annunciation as well and tell me how rude i am, let us see who is the Hypocrite and i am not making any Anymosity, let us remember you are always attacking the Catholic Church even since i know you, do not put that one against me, bumabanda lang eh sayo din tatama

Ian June 4, 2011 at 10:34 PM  

I have written what I have to say. You can say whatever you like, accuse falsely and tell unfounded and baseless allegations but the the truth shall always remain. Your member/facebook friends can ask other members from your Facebook group who have visited the Annunciation Orthodox Church and they will tell you and bear witness to the fact that there are no hostilities shown by any Orthodox brethren towards them but friendliness and brotherly hospitality. One of your Facebook friend has even converted to Eastern Orthodoxy very recently and many will soon follow. Me attacking the Catholic Church? Oh come on! I am only presenting what the Orthodox Church teaches in my Facebook account. Now if someone claims something as a "fact" which he can not prove (eg. "very hostile" Orthodox?!? as claimed by you despite you being welcomed and treated with hospitality in their church!) then that's what you called an "attack". Please stop being hostile towards the Orthodox. May God enlighten your soul, Noah.

achanoah June 5, 2011 at 10:52 AM  

How many times will i say here that i do not confront Hostility but i know some are Hostile to Eastern Catholicism because of that "Uniate" Mentality you have!!!!! Yes, presenting the Stand of the Orthodox Church that the Catholic Church is a Heretic one, is that not a Attack??? They convert because their Hearts are Stubborn to accept anything the Catholic Church teaches!!!

Petros,  June 5, 2011 at 11:08 AM  

Hello, Ian. I believe Noah has much basis for him to say what he is saying here. Noah would not waste his time making articles like this one based on falsehoods. If you cannot accept his opinions as a mature individual would, you can always look for another article that would make you feel better. After all, if what Noah has written is not--for the most part--true, you would not react as you have, would you?

Such commenting on an opinionated article would not really solve the problem.

Kyrie eleison. +

Petros,  June 5, 2011 at 12:10 PM  

[Me attacking the Catholic Church? Oh come on! I am only presenting what the Orthodox Church teaches in my Facebook account.]

Yes, and they are, of course, speculative. Just because these speculations are what the Orthodox Church think about the Catholic Church do not mean they are correct. :)

Any further comments pertaining to hostility will be moderated, and will not be published.

filorthodox August 19, 2011 at 4:38 PM  

This needs to be edited as Mr. Noah Acha has and will be attending the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom at the Annunciation Orthodox Church on a regular basis. We don't want the Orthodox brethren under the Philippine Exarchate to be scandalized by this article which makes them appear "very hostile" towards Mr. Noah and the religious denomination he represents in this country, an allegation which has been proven to be false. Hoping for the just consideration of the Admins of this blog.

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