Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Principal Consecrator His Excellency Beatitude Cyril Vasil, SJ, Secretary of the Congregation of the Eastern Catholic Churches. Principal Co-Consecrator are His Excellency Beatitude Jan Babjak, SJ, Metropolitan Archbishop of Presov of the Slovak Greek Catholic Church and Most. Rev. Peter Fulop Kocsis, Eparch of the Hajdudurog Eparchy of the Hungarian Byzantine Catholic Church. along with them are different Hierarchs of each Sui Iuris Byzantine Catholic Churches and Latin Rite Hierarchs of Hungary, lead by His Eminence Cardinal Peter Erdo, Primate of Hungary

 His Eminence Cardinal Peter Erdo, Latin Rite Primate of Hungary, reading the Papal Mandate approving the Episcopal Ordination by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Metropolitan Jan Babjak and Eparch Fulop Kocsis accompany Exarch-Elect Orosz as he kisses each corner of the Holy Table.

A Gospel Book is laid over the head of the one being ordained, and the consecrating bishops lay their hands upon the Gospel Book, while the prayer of ordination is read

Vesting of Sakkos and Epigonation by the Hungarian Byzantine Catholic Eparch Peter Fulop Kocsis

Metropolitan Jan Babjak, SJ, vesting the Omophorion as Metropolitan Cyril Vasil, SJ watch

The newly Ordained Exarch on his full Byzantine Rite Pontificals, including the Blessing Cross, Crozier, Mitre and Panagia

Incensing the Sacred Species been offered and the People for the first time as Exarch

Blessing the People, the Hierarchs and the Clergy using the Dikirion and Trikirion

During the singing of the Creed, the veil is waved up and down over their Heads,  
symbolic of the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles at Pentecost.

Giving Communion to the People, specially this Nun in the Manner of receiving Communion at the Byzantine Rite

After the Divine Liturgy and Episcopal Ordination, blessing the People and Clergy

NOTE: Since the establishment of the Hungarian Byzantine Catholic Exarchate of Miskolc in 1924, the Apostolic Exarch of this See is the Eparch of the Hungarian Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Hajdudurog, which was erected in 1912 and this is the first time they have a Separate Head when Pope Benedict XVI appoints Atanaz Orosz.


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